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Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturer in China, Supplier of Custom Carbon Fiber Products

SUNRISE LIMITED, Manufacturer of all kinds of carbon fiber parts in china, specialized in manufacture of auto carbon fiber accessories, bike carbon fiber, custom carbon fiber, carbon fiber design, carbon fiber products.

Manufacturer of custom carbon fiber parts according to your designs specifications.

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Sunrise Limited has been a manufacturer in Performance Carbon Fiber Parts for over 3 years

We specialize in providing sleek carbon fiber accessories to enhance the look of your cars interior. All of our dash and trim carbon fiber parts are hand crafted and can be customized to your desired specifications. Backed by a high level of passion and customer service, Sunrise offers trim kits exclusively in high grade carbon fiber. With a commitment to using only the best materials available, Sunrise delivers the perfect combination of quality and style.

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The Carbon Fiber Accessories are not only includes parts of bike, motorcycle and auto industry, also includes parts on wheel chair and rolling chair. And now it is more and more popular at carbon fiber gear. We manufacture carbon fiber furniture with real carbon fiber. and it's unique characteristic not only makes it more light weight and safety, but more visually stunning when light hits off it. The carbon fiber gears are really suitable for everyday use, but also presentable in more sophisticated situation.

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High Quality Carbon Fiber Parts manufactured by Sunrsise Limited are used for various industrial field and household articles.Welcome to Custom Carbon Fiber Products at any time!


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