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Manufacturer of custom carbon fiber products for Auto, Bike, Furniture in china.

Manufacture carbon fiber parts according to your designs or all your specifications.       

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Carbon Fiber Bike

A lot of bike's parts,
such as seat post, handlebar, stem, saddle, rims of wheel and more, can be made of carbon fiber and the bike will be in light weight.

Carbon Fiber Motorcycle
A lot of motorbike's part , such as cover, fenders, seat cowl, fairing, upper stay bracket, heel plates, undertail, gas cap cover, hugger, spool, duct and more, can be made of carbon fiber.
Carbon Fiber For Auto Industry Carbon Fiber For Cellphone
A lot of automotive part , such as hood emblem, mirror cap, rear spoiler wing, front bumper canard, engine motor mounts, front fender and more, can be made of carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Phone

Carbon fiber cases for various cellphone, such as iphone case.

Carbon Fiber Gear Carbon Fiber Accessories

Carbon Fiber Furniture

Coffee table, Chair,etc
Artisan tray, Sauce dish
Toilet Seat, Tissue Roll Dispenser, Bathtub, Tower Bar .etc

Carbon Fiber Accessories
Carbon Fiber Accessories

Money Clip, Knife, Mask
Cigar punch, Keychain
Sunglasses, Shoehorn

Sunrise Limited manufactures various Carbon Fiber Parts,including accessories for bike, motorcycling, auto industry and Carbon fiber furniture for your home furnishing and adornment.Carbon fiber parts also have choice for your pets, such as Carbon Fiber Pet Bowl.
We are the carbon fiber parts manufactruer from china and has ability of supplying custom carbon fiber parts for specifical purpose. We always welcome any comments, suggestions, or ideas for products you would like to see offered.



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Custom carbon fiber products manufacturer from china specializing in all kinds of carbon fiber accessories including, carbon fiber bike, carbon fiber car and more